Economy of Karur

Whether it is culture, arts or economy, Karur has gained a lot from its past. In the times of the Cheras and the Cholas, when everything under the Kongu sun belonged to these mighty empires, Karur held a prominent position for them even then. Karur has not only played a key role in shaping the culture of the whole of Tamil Nadu but also was one of the foremost centres of trade practices in Tamil Nadu. The archaeological facts and data tell that Karur was an inland capital for the Cheras considering its strategic location. And from then till now Karur has been growing as a centre for various industrial set ups and businesses. Due to the flow of major rivers like Noyyal, Cauvery, and Amravati Karur has had a fertile land helping it in turn to flourish in the agricultural sector. Similarly textile industries, jewel making industries and many more industries have been set up in Karur over the years helping it to boost its economy.

Agriculture in Karur

Economy of Karur

Karur is situated on the banks of the river Amravati and therefore Karur has not only got lush green natural surroundings but also great flourishing agriculture sector. The various rivers and lakes flowing through Karur have gifted the people with good soil and climate which are favorable for the growth of  various crops. Cotton, rice, sugarcane and oil seeds are the major crops grown here. Other than these there are horticulture crops like coconut, banana, betel and mango that are grown here. Agricultural commodities from nearby villages and towns are brought to Karur and traded making the place a commercial centre for trading. It is however noticed that there is a decrease in the primary sector while more and more people are joining the tertiary sector.

Textile Industries in Karur

Business and economy of Karur

The district of Karur is a fast growing textile sector. With a large amount of cotton cultivation, textile industries are the most prominent and flourishing industries situated in Karur which gives the economy of Karur a big boost. Karur is a major leader in kitchen, bedroom and bathroom linens like bed sheets, sheet sets, pillow covers, floor rugs, towels, aprons, quilt covers, curtains, wall hangings etc with lots and lots of varieties within the category itself. Other than these cotton clothes and silk sarees are also a part of the set up. About 6000 crores are generated every year by the town through foreign exchange with the export of these goods.

Bus Body Building Industries in Karur

Karur is the hub of the bus body building industry in South India. Mostly all of the private bus bodies in South India are built here at Karur. It is a successfully run chain of industries that has an annual turnover of about 1000 crores. There are more than 50 bus body building factories in Karur.

Banks in Karur

Banks in Karur

Karur is the home city of the oldest private scheduled banks of India, Karur Vysya bank and Lakshmi Vilas Bank.  Other than these various other banks like state bank of India, HDFC, union bank, Indusland bank, ICICI Bank etc have their branches in Karur. There are about 40 banks located in Karur town.

Paper production in Karur

The Tamil News Print and Papers Ltd situated in Karur is the largest producer of bagasse based paper in the world and the second largest producer of paper in Asia. Consuming about 1 million tone of bagasse every year Karur prepares about 2,30,000 tonnes of printing and writing paper.

Fishing and Mosquito nets in Karur

Fishing nets and mosquito nets are also manufactured here in Karur on a large scale. With 200 units in Karur manufacturing mosquito nets about 60% of the mosquito nets manufacturing is done here at Karur and the neighboring places. About 50,000 people in and around Karur are employed in these units.

Other Industries in Karur

Bharat Petroleum has installed a pipeline from Cochin BPCL to Karur BPCL to supply petroleum products and the products received at Karur BPCL are sent to 20 districts of Tamil Nadu. The Chettinadu cements located here at Karur facilitates the production of 6,00,000 tonnes of cement every year.

The Karur Textile Park limited (KTPL) is also known for its various high end technical and ancillary facilities all around the country. Karur has been known for its jewel and gem making industries too. Fish eye, quartz, aquamarine, sapphire, jasper, beryl etc are the various gemstones produced by the industries in Karur.

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