Administration of Karur

Karur has been growing steadily and making a large contribution to the state. Karur is a part of ‘kongu nadu’ that contributes to 2/3rd of the state’s revenue. Karur district like many of the other districts of the state is majorly into handloom, power loom industries etc. Additionally, it is also into large scale gem and jewel making industries and bus body building industries. Karur taluk was initially a part of Coimbatore district and later became a part of Tiruchirapalli district during 1910. However in 1995, Karur district became an independent one. Karur is the district headquarters of Karur district which has 5 panchayat samitis namely – Karur, Kulithalai, Krsihnarayapuram, Aravakurichi and Kadavur. The district collector is the head of the district administration and the collector’s office is situated at Thanthonimalai which is at a distance of 6km from the Karur bus stand. For details on Karur administration, click here

Administrative Divisions of Karur

  • Municipalities: 2
  • Revenue divisions: 2
  • Town panchayat: 13
  • Village panchayat: 158
  • Revenue villages: 208
karur district

Municipality of Karur

Karur became a municipality in the year 1874 and thereafter got promoted to first grade in the year 1969, selected grade in 1983 and then a special grade in 1988.The Karur municipality has 48 wards in total and every ward is looked after by the elected councilor .The district has also various departments that look into key areas that need attention which is eventually vital for the overall growth and development of the district. The various departments are as follows:
  • General administration
  • Revenue
  • Engineering
  • Public Health
  • City planning
  • Information Technology
All these departments are looked after and controlled by the municipal commissioner. The current municipal commissioner of Karur district is Mr L. Gopalakrishnan. The municipal commissioner is the executive head who has the power of assigning each of the departments to its respective heads. The legislative powers are vested upon a committee of 48 members. This committee is headed by the chairman and assisting him is the vice-chairman. The current municipality chairman is Mr M Selavaraj and the vice-chairman in position is Mr A R Kaliyappan. The municipal corporation looks into various welfare activities taking keen interest in each of the important areas of development in the municipality e.g. backward classes, education, water resources department, agriculture, mines etc

Some of the major observations in the Karur districts development:


About 59% land is utilized while 4% is other uncultivated land. Karur district consists of black soil type majorly, followed by lateritic soil, sandy and coastal soil etc. 2.7%land is forest area in Karur district.


Urbanization is occurring at a high rate in this district. Taking into consideration the past 15 years, it is found that there is a rapid growth in the urban population .Yet the urban services like water supply has not shown development.


There are ample number of temples and natural beauty in and around the district. Tourism has increased considerably over the past years, with many people visiting these places.


There has been an increase in the population over the years along with increase in sex ratio. It is found that there are 1015 females every 1000 males. Also, female education was encouraged leading to increase in the literacy rate.

Karur - Important Contact Numbers

Municipal Office, Karur: 260011
Panchayat union, Karur: 220548
Superintendent of Police :256106
Dy.superintendent of Police, Karur :226100
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